QUALIFICATIONS The Monterey Peninsula Voices welcomes all who are interested in singing. You don’t have to audition and you don’t have to be able to read music — but it helps. Each singer is expected to pay membership dues, perform volunteer tasks, obtain costuming, and attend rehearsals weekly - either in person or online on Monday or viewing the recording during the week.

MEMBERSHIP COST FOR FALL & SPRING SEASONS. Members are asked to pay dues in the amount of $195 which help offset the cost of sheet music, rehearsal tracks, and rehearsal and concert costs, including compensation for our conductor and accompanist.  Dues are per single season and are payable online when you register or collected at the beginning of each of our first two rehearsal seasons.  Scholarships and/or payment plans are available if needed.

REHEARSAL POLICY. MPV really doesn't have a rehearsal policy at this time.  We hope that singers will attend as many in person rehearsals as possible, and if they can't attend in person on Monday evenings, they should view the rehearsals either via livestream or by watching a recording (both provided on the member's website).

COVID Vaccination policy
In keeping with the policies of Monterey County and the State of California, MPV has lifted the requirement of COVID vaccination prior to singing in the choir.  As most residents of Monterey County have received COVID vaccination and updated boosters, the primary risk of interacting with unvaccinated people is NOT to the vaccinated. The major risk is to the unvaccinated people. Nevertheless, vaccinations for both flu and COVID-19 are still strongly encouraged.

As with most indoor locations in California, masks are no longer required, but are welcomed, especially for those with compromised health conditions.  There is danger from a variety of respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu, and COVID-19.  MPV suggests that if you are feeling sick, please stay home — staying home when you're sick slows the spread of flu, RSV, and COVID-19.

Our Spring 2024 season commences with rehearsals on Monday evenings at 7 PM beginning on January 22, 2024 at First Presbyterian church of Monterey.  The performances will be on May 18-19, 2024 weekend.  (we're still arranging for venues)  To register, click here or go to: mpvoices.org/join.

Formal concerts may require a specific dress/costuming for women and men at member cost. Each season, the required concert dress will be described during rehearsals. An effort will be made to keep costs down and to provide ordering information as early as possible. Members are responsible for the cost of the required attire. Fall/Holiday season is often tuxedos for men and black gowns for women. Spring season tends to be less formal. We also have a few tuxedos and gowns available for loan.

For more information, please contact mpvoices@mpvoices.org